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PostSubject: borderline   Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:29 pm

since snakehead is apparently suspicious of my OU teams, today i built a completely BL one to make up for it.

flygon @ choice scarf
252 atk, 120 spatk, 136 spe
-draco meteor
-rock slide

nifty attacking lead. 136 spe gives 405 final to outrun scarfcross. with 120 spatk evs, draco meteor guarantees ohko on 4/0 salamence leads, and in the later game, 75% success ohko on 4/0 garchomp. earthquake for stab, u-turn scouts for counters, rock slide for a 3hko on gyarados (i'm a fan of accuracy vs. power, and with choice scarf flygon is fast enough to use the flinch rate).

regice @ leftovers
clear body
252 hp, 252 def, 6 spdef
-ice beam

regice makes a solid backup for flygon for obvious reasons. this spread will make regice quite sturdy on both sides of the defensive spectrum, since 100 base defense is nothing to laugh about. this set acts like a more powerful pseudo-blissey, with the exception of instant recovery in softboiled. rest is nearly as good, and regice can viably idle the two turns as its opponent slowly withers away from toxic.

shaymin @ leftovers
natural cure
252 hp, 220 def, 36 spe
-grass knot
-leech seed

this cutie is the bl version of heal bell celebi, if bl stands for better looking. 36 spe outruns jolly tyranitar with a final stat of 245 spe. very straightforward; grass knot makes her a solid gyarados counter, leech seed provides some healing for shaymin or her teammates, aromatherapy prevents opponents from using status-based strategies, and rest provides 100% recovery, in exchange for sleep which is nullified thanks to natural cure. mostly she will be brought in mid- to late-game when regice has seen a few uses or the whole team is suffering from status.

houndoom @ life orb
flash fire
40 hp, 252 atk, 216 spe
-nasty plot
-dark pulse
-fire blast

look familiar to anyone? my favorite version of nasty plot houndoom. there is nothing more to be said.

slowbro @ leftovers
own tempo
212 hp, 252 def, 44 spatk
-slack off
-ice beam/psychic
-thunder wave/calm mind/light screen

basic physical wall. 212 hp evs gives optimal leftovers recovery at 384 hp, and 44 spatk evs gives a decent probabilty of 2hkoing 4/0 tyranitar with unboosted surf. the last two slots i'm still kind of iffy on; ice beam goes best with thunder wave to counter garchomp and friends who are unaffected by electricity, and psychic goes best with calm mind as it offers a second stab and better neutral type coverage. light screen makes slowbro a little more versatile, offering extra special defense to a team relatively weak in that department, and allowing you more of a choice between ice beam and psychic.

hariyama @ leftovers
thick fat
76 hp, 252 atk, 180 def
-focus punch
-stone edge

another self-explanatory set. subpunch combo is common and powerful enough; payback hits the fairly predictable psychic- and ghost-type switch-ins for 100 bp when they break your sub. stone edge adds type coverage against flyers.

this team is as of yet untested, so i would greatly appreciate any suggestions. i don't believe i have any raging OU threat weaknesses, but feel free to point them out if you can see them. i can promise, though, that anyone willing to try out this team on shoddy will find it a solid performer.
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