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 a venture into the ubers metagame

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PostSubject: a venture into the ubers metagame   Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:35 pm

deoxys-d has nothing on these guys.


since ubers is the arena full of the pokemon that would make OU an unbalanced tier, i picked ubers as the new competitive tier to tackle after i got bored of OU. there's only so many times i can stand seeing aerodactyl leads plucked straight off husk's RMT, or teaching the inexperienced that deoxys-s can't kill a bronzong in lategame. it's also a lot of fun to play in a high-powered tier without having to worry about snow warning or sand stream being a real threat anymore, so i finally get to see UU rain dance teams succeed in a powerful arena.

game plan
OU is overwhelmed by a theme of "bulky sweepers", making it a slow-speed, yet powerful hitting metagame. ubers, on the other hand, is a tier filled with pokemon who either hit very hard and die very easily, or have little to no offensive options but pack defenses to a ridiculous extent. this imbalance is perfectly exploited by using a stalling team which finds a middle ground to overcome both of these strategies. groudon keeps the skies clear to prevent rain dance sweeping teams from setting up at the start, allowing me to set up the field to my choosing instead.

in depth

groudon @ leftovers
252 hp, 160 atk, 32 def, 60 spdef, 4 spe
-stealth rock
-dragon claw

as with bulkydos, the magic in defensive groudon is all in the EV spread. on the physical side, max hp and 32 def guarantees groudon survives +1 dd outrage from jolly rayquaza, allowing it to 2hko with dragon claw. on the special side, soul dew dragon pulse from latias fails to 2hko with 60 spdef evs, while standard lugia's ice beam can only 4hko, meaning ample time to set up rocks and toxic before switching out. 4 spe ensures that groudon outspeeds the most common variants of fellow base 90s dialga and giratina, 2hkoing the former with earthquake; on the other side, keeping groudon slow will give the team the sun advantage against leading kyogre, who usually run max speed in that team slot. thanks to earthworm, who helped me tweak this set to perfection. ^-^

forretress @ leftovers
252 hp, 96 def, 162 spdef (0 spe iv)
-toxic spikes
-gyro ball

this marks the first time i've ever used forry in a competitive team. it's a little different from the standard OU forretress in that it doesn't pack rapid spin and explosion, so countering it is a little different. with max hp and healthy defenses, forretress does very well at setting up spikes to his leisure, resting when the going gets tough, waiting out a couple of turns, and spiking again. gyro ball makes forretress a neat deoxys-a counter; since forry is able to take hits from both sides of the spectrum much better, and since deoxys-a rarely carries fire moves, there isn't a single attack that deoxys-a can throw that will 2hko forry, and packing a 0 spe iv ensures that gyro ball will 1hko in return. the 0 spe iv gives forry a more powerful attacking option if cornered and forced to use gyro ball to attack.

blissey @ leftovers
natural cure
252 def, 120 spatk, 136 spdef
-thunder wave
-ice beam
-seismic toss

this is also the first time i'm using blissey in competitive play, but as far as pure special walls go, she's almost a necessity in ubers. the evs are designed to take on most variants of mewtwo--even bulk up versions. seismic toss breaks calm mind mewtwo's substitutes in order to deal with a threat that would otherwise sweep this team easily. thunder wave is chosen over toxic or sing, since the former is covered by toxic spikes, and the latter would ruin darkrai's strategy in a sleep clause situation.

lugia @ leftovers
252 hp, 52 def, 204 spe
-ice beam
-reflect/light screen

always a pleasure! lugia is a staple to stall teams with its impressive defenses, phazing abilities, and respectable speed, as well as packing instant healing with roost/recover. as always, roost is a better option than recover for defensive flying types, and it takes good prediction to take advantage of the few downsides to becoming a pure psychic type for a turn. reflect helps lugia to counter physical attackers (i'm unsure if light screen would be a better option, considering blissey is the only real special wall as of yet), and whirlwind clears away any potential threats to the longevity of this team. 204 spe outruns all max beneficial base 90 spe, giving lugia an edge on kyogre, groudon, and dialga.

giratina @ leftovers
252 hp, 234 def, 24 spe
-dragon pulse
-sleep talk

it's a stall team - why not add another wall? giratina provides one of the game's best defenses against many pesky physical sweepers (most significantly metagross), should forretress or groudon prove ineffective. sleep talk makes giratina the team's best darkrai switch-in when dark void is anticipated. the idea is to will-o-wisp to halve attack, dragon pulse to deal out some damage, and rest off any status ailments or significant hp loss. 24 spe outruns max spe beneficial tyranitar.

darkrai @ leftovers
bad dreams
6 def, 252 spatk, 252 spe
-dark void
-calm mind
-dark pulse

"last resort". this works best lategame when the opponent's counters have been eliminated or sufficiently crippled. dark void obviously induces sleep, and taunt shuts down sleep talkers and sometimes phazers/opposing, nonoffensive stall walls. when possible, calm mind up and proceed to sweep; dark pulse alone offers acceptable coverage to be useful in ubers. i am strongly considering some variant of weavile in this team slot, for the reason that darkrai is no more a staller than weavile, and weavile will offer me far more effective type coverage for a late game sweep. suggestions for this team slot would be most greatly appreciated over anything else.

as i'm still fairly new to the ubers metagame, i hope that there's someone here who's not stranger to playing ubers and can offer me some advice. thankfully, earthworm helped me gloss over some of the weaknesses with the prototype of this team (which failed horribly), so this isn't all too shameful an attempt. still, i have yet to realize a more reliable variant of this team, so anything at all helpful would be very nice!
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a venture into the ubers metagame
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