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 monospecies (or monotype?)

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PostSubject: monospecies (or monotype?)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:22 pm

per pcg520's request:


if you want to play mono unown, hidden power ice, electric, or fighting will give you the best type coverage; hidden power psychic will obviously give you the best base power. aeolus's hidden power guide is useful should you want to maximize certain stats (or avoid dropping your special attack, as hidden power electric may do).

if you actually care about winning, using a mixed or otherwise versatile sweeper as your monospecies theme will keep your opponent guessing. pokemon like deoxys-s, salamence, lucario, infernape, or gengar will serve you well. on the other hand, your "other pokemon" could be one of these, giving you plenty of room to fool around with the unown metagame all you want.

setting up your unown to win could be done in a couple of ways. one would be to equip them all with focus sashes so they won't be totally pathetic. another would be choice scarf, if you're really, really hopeful about outspeeding someone; choice specs will give you more power, although it won't really help in a monospecies environment. the last move i can think of is using your "other pokemon" slot for something like bronzong, to set up trick room and explode; that'll give you a chance to hopefully sweep with the appropriate unown.

alternatively, you can try a baton passing type of strategy: for example, lead with a ninjask and back yourself up with a mono weavile team. to be cheap but effective, you can create a mono smeargle team and pass boosts all the way down the line to something suitable.

monotype is really easy. mono water is the most effective (kingdra, swampert, and gyarados already make up half a team); mono psychic is potentially the cheapest (just pack a team full of deoxys-s). however, mono dark is the type i have the most experience with, and if you want to use a good mono dark team, i can just post it here for you.
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monospecies (or monotype?)
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