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 Alakazam--Little Review

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PostSubject: Alakazam--Little Review   Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:17 pm

Ok here's my second evaluation of a pokemon.

So today ill be looking at a great sweeper thats seen good battles in past generations, but how will it fit in with d/p's new physical and special move changes?

Here's it statistics;
screenshot from smogon

Aside from losing the elemental punch sweeper moveset, there isn't much of a change from 3gen, and with Focus Blast and Shadow Ball as viable moves, most every Alakazam is going to be the same.

There isn't really that much variety of movesets but ill post two today.

The first one, standard d/p set;

Onto the second set, trickspecs;

Ok i decided to post another moveset, its simial to the first so here it is;

And thats my evaluation on alakazam.
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Alakazam--Little Review
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