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 tyraniboah and imperfect IVs

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PostSubject: tyraniboah and imperfect IVs   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:19 pm

as many of you know, i'm not a fan of breeding for IVs, so when i hatched a quiet larvitar, of course i stopped right there and trained it up directly to 55.

got there, checked the IVs and this is what i got:
8 hp, 14 atk, 19 def, 9 spatk, 30 spdef (excellent news for dp tyranitar!), 22 spd (pretty good)
terrible stuff for tyraniboah, who wants perfect hp and high special attack. blargh.

from there, i formulated two tyraniboah EV spreads tailored for these IVs: slightly different, but each with a different purpose.

200 hp, 208 spatk, 104 spd
since perfect hp is a tough thing to hope for, this shoots for the max optimal leftovers recovery with an 8 IV, which is 368. 104 spd outruns weezing with a stat of 157, and dumping the rest in special attack leaves us with 281.

156 hp, 252 spatk, 104 spd
this concentrates on improving that abysmal special attack. max spatk for quiet 9 spatk tyranitar is 293 - not a far cry off the original 300 meant for tyraniboah to hit. this compromises our hp: optimal leftovers is no longer possible, and our stat now measures 358. 104 remains unchanged for weezing.

the big question here: what to choose? boah is meant to be a wall-breaker, so maxing out that special attack is definitely worth considering. however, will compromising the hp stat by 11 points mean that much for tyranitar, both taking out its optimal leftovers recovery and lowering the count altogether? on the other hand, will losing 12 special attack points make such a crucial difference in breaking down weezing, skarmory, forretress, and (potentially the biggest problem) swampert?

i ran into a similar problem with EV spreading for tauntrados - mine was left with speed and attack IVs in the 20's, which i easily redeemed considering the key dragon dance stats, but got shafted in the hp and defense IVs - hp was in the low teens, and defense was a whopping 2. what i needed to consider was: is it better to shoot for a defense stat approximately equal to special defense (220 EVs for defense to bring me to final stats of 219 in defense and special defense - but i was left with 36 in hp), or to work on max lefties recovery but leave the defense alone to fend on its own? i chose to work on the defense, but i sometimes wonder if it would really have been worth it to get that hp up higher.

this is more of a question of how important is hp in ensuring the survivability of a pokemon, but with tyraniboah i also would like to consider how much more damage 12 or so points in an attacking stat will do.

i'd like some opinions before i make my decision here - it was a little easier to pick with tauntrados, who really only needs to have those speed and attack stats just right, but with tyraniboah, who fills out a very specific role in the metagame, i am unsure whether survivability or attacking power is more important.
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PostSubject: Re: tyraniboah and imperfect IVs   Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:37 pm

Well if you need a good DP TyraniBoah I still have a Larvitar that was one of my preliminary ones for the Boah in my Dragon team you could have if you'd like. They both had a next to Godly IV spread, with minor exceptions. The only real problems with this one is the Speed (which it doesn't really need anyway) and Defence, but it does have 31 IVs in HP so you'll end up with 404 with max EVs. Proven because I got it to lvl 100 in a test with Rare Candies Wink

Anyway, when I had it at 100 here was the screenie I took after calculating its stats:

The EV spread I used for my Boah is [252 Hp, 188 Spec. Atk, 68 Atk]. Smogon said something about adding extra Speed or something for Weezing but that's not even worth considering, simply because this I've never seen a Weezing used over WiFi (though I usually do PBR, so it might be different for cartridge...) and also because this ones speed is too low for EV consideration anyway. Yours seems to be more Spec. Atk. oriented, though, so whatever. The 404 HP is very nice, though Very Happy

But I really wouldn't worry about Speed on a cartridge Boah. Just use prediction and expect to go second.

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tyraniboah and imperfect IVs
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