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 Wifi-Room Rules

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PostSubject: Wifi-Room Rules   Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:09 pm

In the Wifi-room forum, all normal forum rules apply. However, there are other policies that you should keep in mind.

1 - This forum can only be used to arrange battles and trades over Wifi on the following games; Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

2 - When battling stick to the thread makers rules, this means staying within the tier limit*, hacked* or non-hacked Pokemon and various other rules that the thread maker states. If you brake the rules of the battle and a member reports you action will be taken. First you will be given a warning but if you consistently brake the rules of battles further action will be taken.

3 - When trading you cannot trade hacked Pokemon unless the other trader agrees. If another member recieves hacked pokemon without the giver of the hacked pokemon informing the other member prior to the trade the giver of the hacked pokemon will be Banned.

*If you do not know what a hacked Pokemon is or you are unaware of the tier list here they are:

Pokemon Arena's Tier List:


What we at Pokemon Arena consider to be classed as Hacked Pokemon:


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Wifi-Room Rules
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